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Kaiser Style Baking Journal, Recipe Books & Folders

There are some items which are intended to be kept for decades, and referred to over time.

A Kaiser-style baking journal is just such an item.

Created to hold a record of your most treasured recipes, it is an item for long-term use, and even something to hand down from parents to children. 

That way, the foods they grew up with – and associate with childhood – will never be lost.  And the precise recipes can even be passed along to the generation(s) following.

By preserving those recipes that we hold dear in a beautifully presented, hardcover-bound Kaiser-style baking journal, we give justice to those dishes. 

No longer are recipes scribbled on a crumpled, faded piece of paper in the cupboard. And if they are kept and made ‘from memory’, then it’s an opportunity to finally jot them down in writing.

A Kaiser-style baking journal is also the ideal gift for pivotal life milestones such as weddings, kids-leaving-home, birthdays, anniversaries and just-because-I-love-you gifts.

Thoughtful gifts that are also affordable.

They are made from linen fabric and some are embossed on the cover in foil.

Your  Kaiser-style baking journal is nice to look at and refer to again and again over the years – especially for those special recipes you acquired from family, or from friends.

The ability to hand-write the recipes preserves them beautifully and gives you an opportunity to reflect when you acquired them, times when you shared the food, and with whom.

Yes, food is definitely associated with our memories, and recreating special recipes give you an opportunity to revisit those memories through your taste-buds.

Made with quality 100gsm paper (with two ribbons to mark your pages) it’s easy to keep track of where your recipes are, even if you are making two dishes at the same time.

There are 200 recipe pages in each journal, so you can record your most cherished recipes in your own handwriting.

Or you could get two or more journals: one to record your favourite traditional recipes, and another to record some delicious contemporary recipes.

At Beautiful Baking Supplies, you can find contemporary, plain or traditional cover-designs for your baking journals to best suit your design preference. 

So you can cook with style… as well as a touch of sentiment.

KaiserStyle Recipe Books and Folders

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