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Cooking supplies with a story and a whole lotta love

Hi, I’m Galy O’Connor, the founder of Beautiful Baking Supplies Online Australia

If you are on this website, chances are you are as intrigued and passionate about the art of baking and cooking as I am. 

Whether you are a culinary professional or an enthusiastic amateur of any age (welcome both adults and children!), you can find some wonderful items on our online shop to get your imagination flowing.

It’s all about having fun in the kitchen and coming up with some fabulous creations to share and be proud of.

We have everything you need to make cooking fun… especially baking.  We have moulds and cookie cutters, cake decorating items, bread making kits, stamps… right down to the finishing touches such as party napkins & decorative cupcake holders.

My Story

There’s no question about the therapeutic value of arts, crafts… and cooking to help lift the spirits. 

I should know.  Ten years ago, I became seriously ill with asbestos poisoning and had to spend years in and out of hospitals undergoing multiple surgeries. 

My beautiful family is very supportive.  With this, I also needed an activity to focus on and help me get through my recovery—an alternative to my very active lifestyle as a personal trainer and mountain climber.

It was the profound joy creating art and also the art of cooking that kept my spirits lifted and my mind active.

It is the immersive process of experimenting in the kitchen—mixing, decorating, baking… and sharing! — which helped me not only diminish my troubles but put my energies into something beautifully constructive.

This was the inspiration for the online culinary art supplies shop which I run today.   

Browse through Beautiful Baking Supplies Online Australia and get plenty of great new ideas for what to try out next. Often the tools themselves can inspire new directions. 

Some of the brands we stock include:

And lots more.

Paying it forward: our charity contributions

Through sales from Beautiful Baking Supplies Online Australia, we support the work of Prof David Morris, a leading expert in peritoneal cancers, and who had a profound effect on my life.

Now 10 years since my diagnosis, we proudly support the David Morris Cancer Research Fund to help him and his dedicated team continue to rescue lives.

So, when you next take pleasure in cooking using our products, you can feel proud at all the good your cooking supplies purchase is doing in the world.

Much love, and happy cooking,

Galy xx