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Barco - Lilac Label Paint Or Dust


Barco - Lilac Label Paint Or Dust

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Barco - Lilac Label Paint Or Dust

  • Barco, Lilac Label Perfect Pearl is the perfect Satin Sheen dusting or painting powder to add that extra dynamic aspect, finish, dimension or shine to your sugar craft.
  • Powder colours with a satin sheen.
  • Food Grade.
  • Kosher and Halaal certified.
  • GMO free.
  • Vegan.
  • Gluten Free.
  • Nut Free (Possibility of external contamination).
  • Dairy Free (Possibility of external contamination).

    Used to:
  • Paint: It can also be mixed into Quick Paint, Paint Base or pure lemon extract and used as a paint to paint onto fondant, decorations, pastilage, gelatine balls etc.
  • In a small bowl, mix equal parts Pink Label Pigment and Quick Paint, Paint Base (for painting on chocolate or fondant) or pure lemon extract. Mix thoroughly before painting and stir often as it continuously settles to the bottom. If you need to paint more than one layer for even coverage allow each coat to dry completely before starting a new one.
  • Dust: Used to dry brush color onto gum paste or fondant designs. The result will be a Pearl like finish.
  • Dab the paint brush into the pigment and tip excess off. Test the colour by brushing in a circular motion on paper towel. If it is correct, do the same on the fondant or gumpaste designs you want to add colour to. Ideal for sugar craft flowers etc.
  • For fine details, a small round head brush works best. For larger areas, use a wider, flatter brush even the big round brush, used to apply blusher.

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