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Cake and Cookie Planner Lace and Monogram Cake Stamps


Cake and Cookie Planner Lace and Monogram Cake Stamps 

Introducing a new way to quickly add gorgeous, highly detailed elements to your cake sketches! The super fine detail in these stamps portray a hand-drawn effect, bring your sketches to the next level by creating gorgeous, professional & quality sketches. Your sketch is your first impression and your pitch, so make it a good one!

  • 1 large 8" x 11" sheet of Lace and Monogram cake elements (paired perfectly with Evil Cake Genius stencils!)


  • Multiple lace elements and all over patterns!
  • 2 size Alphabet Monogram sets

Full how-to videos coming soon!

Stamps require to be attached to an acrylic stamping block, grab our Stamping Blocks here.

The ink you choose is important! We highly suggest archival ink such as Ranger Archival Ink because it's rich in color and waterproof (allowing you use water based color products over-top without ink running or smearing)