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Caking It Up Stencils - Harvest - Large


Caking It Up Mesh Stencils - Fleur

Caking It Up Stencils - Harvest - Large

Our Harvest cake stencil is already one of our most popular designs. The natural flow is inspired by the patterns of wheat bushels ready for harvest.

Add some texture and depth to your creation with this cake stencil. Perfect for double barrel cakes and taller tiers, the stencil pattern area is almost 9 inches high, saving you time and creating a seamless effect from top to bottom.  This pattern looks amazing when used with  a white on white effect, but also stunning when used with contrasting colours.

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Harvest Stencil  

DImensions: 26 × 23 × 0.5 cm

Weight: 0.054 

VIDEO: These versatile “Caking It Up” stencils are perfect for standard and double height tiers. They can be used with royal icing to create a textured look or simply by painting or using an airbrush to apply the pattern.