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FMM Sugarcraft - Mix 'n' Match Large Animal Cutter


FMM Sugarcraft - Mix 'n' Match Large Animal Cutter

FMM Sugarcraft - Mix 'n' Match Large Animal Cutter
  • Use the famous FMM Large Mix N Match animal faces to create hundreds of cute fondant faces for full size cakes. All you need is this one cutter and the possibilities are endless! This innovative cutter is perfect for mum's, dad's and grandparents to use with kids for hours of fun.
  • The Mix ‘n’ Match Large Face Cutter is a revolutionary ‘all-in-one’ cutter designed to make an endless variety of animal and novelty faces. A huge selection can be created to decorate celebration cakes.
  • This pack contains one cutter that allows you to make a 5" (125mm) face shape and a selection of features to create a huge assortment of faces.
  • You can use sugarpaste and fondant but for best results use modelling paste.
  • With this revolutionary ‘all-in-one’ animal face cutter, you can create an endless variety of cake toppers, from cute unicorns to cats and dogs, farm, zoo animals and dragons. With a little imagination, use the ear cutter to create fins and beaks and a unicorn horn can become a lobster’s eyes, an elephant’s trunk, a butterfly’s body – even a carrot!
  • Made in the UK
  • Food Approved Plastic – BPA free
  • Approximately 5 inches in diameter
  • Full ‘how to’ instructions on back of pack to show you how to make lots of different novelty faces
  • Main image shows a selection of the faces that can be created with this one cutter
  • Always use a good quality modelling paste rolled thinly and allowed to dry for a few minutes for best results, if using Sugar paste add a little Tylo or CMC to strengthen the paste and speed up drying

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FMM Sugarcraft - Mix 'n' Match Large Animal CutterFMM Sugarcraft - Mix 'n' Match Large Animal Cutter