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Prestige Edgers - Super Smedger


Prestige Edgers - Super Smedger 

  • The SMEDGER was designed with commercial users in mind.  
  • This is both a SUPER SMOOTHER and a SIDE EDGER in one.  
  • This tool saves time by using as a SUPER SMOOTHER over the top of the cake, and then sliding down the side of the cake to use as a SIDE EDGER.  
  • Anyone who has had to cover three or more cakes one after the other, may well appreciate this labour saving tool.  It makes very short work of smooth almond paste/marzipan into an excellent foundation for sugarpaste.  Sugarpaste can then be applied and may not require any further use of tools, it will automatically follow the uniform shape achieved on the marzipan/almond paste. 

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