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So Yummy - Dessert Hacks Cookbook

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So Yummy -  Dessert Hacks Cookbook

So Yummy - Dessert Hacks Cookbook
  • Inside our So Yummy: Dessert Hacks cookbook, you’ll learn how to make chocolate bowls with a balloon, mini pies with an ice cube tray, crème brûlée out of an ice cream carton, and more restaurant-worthy creations that'll leave your guests wondering, "How'd you do that?
  • Whether you’re hosting a big party or having a quiet night in with friends and family, any one of these 24 desserts will wow everyone in the room. Best of all?
  • The recipes are hassle-free. Flip through the book, and you’ll notice you already have most of what you need in your kitchen. In true So Yummy style, we show you how to make impressive, dazzling desserts the smart and simple way.
  • Loved by more than 40 million fans (and counting)!

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