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Vizyon Gum Paste White - 1kg


Vizyon Gum Paste White - 1kg

  • Vizyon gumpaste is used on pastries and desserts for detailed decoration and figurine making.
  • Gum paste is similar to fondant, however is flexible and hard drying.
  • It is great for use in making larger scale cake decorations such as 3D figurines and flowers. 
  • In addition, the Vizyon gumpaste can be diversified and adapted by adding colouring agents and flavouring to suit any requirements
  • Vizyon gumpaste is versatile and can be used in conjunction with Vizyon fondant or modelling chocolate in making a range of sculptured decorations.
  • Made with no animal products, so suitable for vegan requirements.

Colour: White

 Size: 1kg


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