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Wilton - Snowflakes Candy Mould 3D


Wilton - Snowflakes Candy Mould

Wilton - Snowflakes Candy Mould
  • Snowflakes will seem to light on your desserts when you make two-piece candy butterflies using the Wilton 3-D Snowflakes Wings Candy Mould.
  • Two-piece interlocking left and right designs slip together to make the colourful 3-D candy snowflakes 
  • Whether you choose to paint or pipe the candy details, the butterflies can be made as simple or intricate as you choose.
  • Mould is not designed to be used to make hard candy or soap.
  • Mould makes three complete snowflakes
  • Mould uses approx. 2 oz. (56.6 g) of melted Candy Melts candy, and contains 1 designs, 6 cavities total.
  • Contains 1 designs, 6 cavities.
  • Approximately 2" x 2" each mould
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